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The Freedom of Failure

A golfer who cannot hit a hole in one meets someone who may be able to change his swing. 

Currently in production - release 2019

What Else

When you do a thing that you like, you can forget it is just another routine. And then you lose it, what else is there to do?Go and ask the barman,  I only make coffee, right?

Sound and Music-Design by Bram Meindersma
Runtime: 04:48 
2K DCP | Digital file 

Pictoplasma 2019 - Germany
25nd IAFF KROK Competition, Russia
MIAF 2017 Student Competition, Australia
Stuttgart Trickfilm 2017 - Young Animation
ANIMA - International Competition - Belgium
Nederlands Film Festival Student Competition 2017
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A Morning Without Coffee

The coffee is gone. Hot air blazing over the desert. Look beyond. The horizon rubbers.

WINNER: Best in competition LUFF 2016, Switzerland 
WINNER: Best Dutch Student 2015 at Playgrounds Festival 2015

Sound and Music-Design by Bram Meindersma
Runtime: 04:52
4K DCP | Digital file 

MIAF 2016 International Program #4
23nd IAFF KROK Competition, Russia
Animated Dreams Competition 2015
Linoleum International Contemporary Animation
Nederlands Film Festival Student Competition 2015
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No Man's Bush

A short story of a guy that doesn’t like hair on certain parts of the body. 

Runtime: 2:30
2K DCP | Digital file 

Late Night Bizarre: The Classic Sex Tapes Collection - Melbourne International Animation Festival 2017
23nd IAFF Competition KROK - Special program, Russia
Animated Dreams Competition 2014
KLIK! - Terribly Unappropriate and Uncomfortable Genderfucking Animation 2014

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